i’ve always been a creative & quiet person

An introvert through and through, I love spending time at home so that I can putter around and use my hands. I always have a creative project going on, whether it’s sewing a new cloth diaper, updating my family’s monthly bullet journal, up-cycling old clothes, needle felting little ornaments… and of course, creating illustrations to share with other parents on Instagram!

I enjoy living simply in our small home where I make most things from scratch. I’m most often in the kitchen making sauerkraut, homemade granola or testing out new vegan recipes. Food is a huge passion of mine and I integrate it with purpose into my daily life.

When I’m not at home, I like to pack a picnic and head out into nature with my family. We love to get in the car and lug around our camping gear so that we can setup camp wherever the road takes us!

i have been holding space for others for as long as i can remember.

I love listening to people’s dreams, their passions, their fears… allowing them to be whoever they want to be without fear of criticism. I’m passionate about supporting others, helping them find joy and purpose when they feel too small or too weak to do it on their own.

I went to university wanting to become a teacher, feeling pulled toward educating people in a way that motivated them to have a critical mind and seek more answers. After becoming a mother, I finally felt aligned with what I really wanted to teach, so I started my journey as a birth worker.

i seek to service other women as they find their way to autonomy during pregnancy and birth.

I was 23 when I gave birth at home to my first baby, James. The birth was rather quick and intense, and I was transferred to the hospital to receive further care for postpartum haemorrhage. I considered his arrival to have been perfect in the way it was meant to be and didn’t feel any regrets about how my body responded to birth.

Little did I know, I would later become defined by this moment in my life. During the pregnancy of my second baby, I was labeled as “high-risk” and was denied the choice to have a midwife-assisted homebirth. Unable to accept this decision made by professionals who knew little about me, I decided to throw myself into all the information I could get on birth and postpartum haemorrhage. I learnt a lot during that time, but the biggest lesson I learnt was that I had a voice. I knew my body, I knew my baby, and I trusted in my ability to birth safely and autonomously. I only needed the strength to speak up for my beliefs, what I would later label as my faith; my faith in undisturbed birth.

After a short and passionate labour, I welcomed baby Lola to this world with my partner and 3 year old son at my side. Catching her with my own two hands was such an ecstatic experience, my heart races whenever I remember that moment!

My daughter’s arrival transformed my entire being and truly “birthed” the new woman I am today. It is thanks to the lessons I learnt during that pregnancy and birth that I have now found the power to speak up for my own convictions and support other women as they do the same. I have lived both a positive birth and an empowering birth. Both have their own lessons, and I am now able to see what a truly autonomous birth can do for a woman.

it is my hope to help women gain the strength to command the respect and support they need to thrive during motherhood in a way that feels unique and empowering to them.

karawestern.com // Illustrator and Birth Keeper